Objects Of Love

Oliver narrates his family story through a collection of precious objects, documents and photographs, powerful mementoes that survived the war and describe individual lives under Nazi occupation.

Oliver gives this presentation at Trinity College Dublin and other institutions. If you wish to  invite Oliver to speak, please send your request to contact@holocaustawarenessireland.ie  

Audio-visual essay of The Objects of Love coming soon


“It was felt that Łódź was simply too dangerous for Jews after the war so Kryszia took the decision that she, Monika & her mother-in-law Rosa should leave & secure passage to South America. She sold her apartment for a fraction of its value, bought gold and had it made into a powder compact. Gold is the perfect currency for the refugee, & a powder compact the perfect object to conceal value in plain sight. When I first picked it up, it was so heavy it fell through my heart. My grandmother’s whole world had been distilled into one golden square of hope.”  Extract from The Objects of Love

Photographs courtesy of Amelia Stein